H1. Orose

Set on the Southern coast of Verenfall, this sprawling metropolis of 47,000 people is the seat of power in the country. Set in a guarded castle atop a large hill to the north of the city, the government of Verenfall and its king make their home. Around the castle and close to the market, the nobles and richer merchants make their way. The market extends through the city and near to the ports, which serve as a hub for shipments from Havahn, Seameet, and foreign countries. The rest of the city is densely packed houses and apartments that house the rest of the citizens of the city.

The Citadel

The most impressive district of the city by far, the Citadel districts houses the king’s castle, known as ‘The Citadel’. The Citadel is a huge building, dwarfing all of the surrounding city. It is a common folktale that from atop the tower all of Verenfall is visible. The Citadel’s gates are closed to all without special permission or an invitation. Within the walls live most members of the king’s immediate retinue, as well as the Citadel guard.

The Golden Circle

Set in a partially completed ring extending south-west from the Citadel, the Golden Circle district is home to the richest nobles and merchants of the country. The district gets its name from the common idea that “the road to rule is paved with gold”. The Golden Circle district is surrounded by a wall that keeps out most unwanted visitors- generally lower class citizens- though it is not closed off to the public. Despite, however, being open to whoever chooses to enter, most people tend to stay out of this district.

Market Way

While not necessarily a district in its own right, the Market way is the main street that extends south west through the entirety of the city from the Citadel gates to the docks. This road sees most of the city’s shops, stalls, and other businesses. The closer one gets to the docks, the poorer quality of shops they see, and more stalls than shops.

Crafter District

The Crafter district is home to most of the city’s working class, and is set close on either side of the Market Way. Many who live within the crafter district ply their trade daily on the market way, whether as laborers or as merchants or shop-keeps.

Outer Slums

A subdistrict of the Crafter district, the outer slums is home to the lowest of the low in Orose. Here live the majority of the unskilled laborers, or anyone else unlucky enough to be unable to purchase even the least safe of the houses the city has to offer. The outer slums is a small area, and it’s ramshackle appearance is often attributed as just a continuation of the nearby docks.


The Docks compose the south-western border of Orose, and sit along the gulf of Orose, which opens into the Serpents sea. Due west of Orose, across the gulf, is the bustling port city Havahn, where Orose sees much of its trade from. The Dock houses warehouses, as well as some businesses. There is no shortage of cheap inns and taverns here, to accommodate sailors and visitors alike. Most sailors and visitors stay within the Dock District, causing it to be a rowdy, rough area, while also being fairly affluent in its own right.


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